Wolfgang Bern, a passionate motorcyclist and entrepreneur, always strived for new challenges. His long-held desire to find a practical trailer for his machine drove him for years. Despite an intensive search and exchange with other motorcyclists, he could not find a trailer that met his expectations.

He wanted a trailer to match his motorcycle. He wanted to be able to operate it easily and alone. He wanted noble light materials. He wanted safe transport to be able to ride a motorcycle in the beautiful areas without a long journey by bike.
He also wanted to be cool and extraordinary and have fun with his friends.

Disappointed and frustrated, Wolfgang decided to build the trailer himself. With determination he began to sketch his ideas and experimented with different materials and techniques. Weeks and months passed while he worked hard on his project. It was a lonely journey, but Wolfgang never gave up.

Eventually he managed to achieve his dream trailer - a trailer that perfectly matched his machine and met all his requirements. On his first journey with the self-made trailer, Wolfgang felt a deep sense of contentment. He had finally achieved what he had been looking for for so long.

However, when Wolfgang met other motorcyclists, he realized that his trailer also attracted their interest. The demand was there. This encouraged him to build trailers to order, and the enthusiasm and gratitude of his customers fills him with joy and pride. Not only had he made his own dream come true, but he had also helped other motorcyclists make their dreams come true.

The beginnings of a dream

Now, many years later, Wolfgang still remembers the emotions he felt while building his trailer. That moment of fulfillment gave him the strength to start his own business and help other motorcyclists enjoy their passion for riding. With expertise and dedication he now runs his successful business providing bespoke trailers to meet the needs and desires of motorcyclists.

Quickfoot GmbH Hamburg
ISO 9001 certified manufacturer initially assessed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority

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