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Quickfoot Pendant — Vermilion Red

Quickfoot Pendant — Vermilion Red

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  • Simply charge the motorcycle
  • Space-saving, store folded up
  • Free shipping

Do you want to miss out on the coolness and approval of your friends?

Not to mention the ease of transporting the motorcycle.

You get:

A trailer individually built for you with exquisite materials in Germany for driving fun with your motorcycle in a remote beautiful landscape. New friends and their appreciation for you and your new mode of transportation.

Worauf wartest Du noch? geht es zu deinem individuellen Lustobjekt.

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For 1 person

Easy loading of the motorcycle by one person. Sturdy lashing eyes and four supplied tension belts.


Safe cranking through stable winch. High-quality rope made of tear-resistant material. No tearing of hands from torn steel cable fibres.


Lightweight aircraft aluminum, powder coated to resist corrosion.

For motorcycles up to 2.5m in length

And a maximum weight of 395 kg.